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char-broil 4985903 magneto magnetized tool rest

02 Dec

new line of accessories, Charbroil Grill Magneto offers an inexpensive way to perform functions specific to the network or in the kitchen to add. Magneto is a tool designed to accommodate a basting brush set, tongs, spatulas, etc., not directly to the network or the need for a plate or paper towel to maintain. He has an excellent kitchen and dishwasher for easy cleaning after cooking

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weber 6414 caster wheel

01 Dec

These networks replace wheel mounted Weber Grill Genesis 1000-5000, Platinum I grill, Genesis Silver A, B and C grills (model years 2002-2003), Genesis Gold B and C grills (model 2002 and later) and run the Ranch Kettle Grill ( first model year 2005).

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4 small outdoor smart solar rock spot light with 3 led

29 Nov

These bulbs-saving, low maintenance coat is waterproof and is ideal for lighting on the floor, doors, gates, walkways, flowerbeds, has trees, farms, or accent lighting needed during the night. If this is a must for all garden Cuisinart Grill.The-size-7, 5 “x 4.5” x 4 “

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bayou classic cypress grill

28 Nov

This Bayou Classic Cypress Grill is handmade and made of quality ceramic. BBQ, Primo Grill, smoking or cooking, this grill can do something! Each end, your table is very different and unique. The hinged lid is mounted and attachment. The network has a stainless steel cooking surface thermometer 19-inch stainless steel. Drag the top strip and painted steel. Ceramics is one inch thick. Standing Grill with shelves and hooks. Cypress Grill (inches): 33 x 27 W

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broilking warming cabinet with family-size warming tray

28 Nov

a higher level of government functions, such as friction steel door tray.Stainless oversized heated skillet retains heat and keeps pans aligned on a heating surface more. Base units can be used as a plate / pan up to 12 great records! (Plates not included). Two adjustable thermostats (one for each level): 155-205 F. commercial grade used in large hotels. -Surface is 27-5/8 “X14” steel. Patent pending Broilking Grill

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minden grill company mmb1000 master propane gas grill, black

23 Nov

The Minden Master Propane Gas Grill in black is the ultimate in performance and technical quality of the network. The Broilking Grill comes standard with six intelligent features and gives you the opportunity to add options to customize the network

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